about me

Thanks for coming to my little corner of the internet!

What started out in pub, fancy kitchens, became hospitality & catering operations, lots of university both here and abroad and then marketing then web stuff and social media, topped off with beer and brewing, makes for a weird journey through life.

Throw in the diverse interests; photography and an established carp and trout catcher, perpetual traveler and curious cook.

Formally, “Knows how to connect to the right people with more of the right people and share what’s important to that audience. Generously shares networks to help everyone. Has a high level of engagement and an influential audience.


Simply Hops

For over 200 years, we have focused on one thing and one thing only: hops. As a leading global provider of services connected with the “green gold”, the BARTH-HAAS GROUP is a reliable partner when it comes to putting your own individual beer ideas into practice. In addition to the many years and depth of our experience, you can, of course, always depend on the quality of our products. Driven by the ambition to fully understand the influence of hops on beer, we regularly set standards in hop research with the BARTH-HAAS GROUP Research and Innovation Centers. All of these efforts will support you in brewing your own unique beer. Because your beer is our passion!

Wholesale Hops and Hop Pellets for the UK & Europe. Buy your Hops, Pellets, PHA, Anti Foam and more from Simply Hops Want to talk to me about hops in Europe and Africa? > Simplyhops.com