Why I homebrew?

Since before the times of my tenure at Beermerchants.com, where I had more beer on hand than is well, healthy. Yet I still homebrewed. Homebrew beer, more over Homebrewing is an opportunity to create reliatively what is a tiny amount of beer, that is uniquely yours.

Do I do it because I am cheap? Hell no…

Do I do it out of some hippy ideals? Kinda.

Do I do it out of curiosity? Probably!

Do I do it to get shit faced on the cheap? See q1.

Do I try and make beers that I have had commercially? Yes.

Do I enjoy the process or the product? Both.

Do you drink it all yourself? Rarely, but I try.

Do you make mistakes? Rarely, but I do.

Do I have accidents? Yes, some happy, some painful.

Do you throw away bad batches: always.

Does it hurt? Yes. (to above)

Do you make too much beer? Sometimes…

Got any more reasons… Would love to read them…