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The ‘Brook is a contemporary styled book-ette, softback “Zine”, of 90+ Pages of photos, memories and occasions that all occurred at the famous Kent fishery, Conningbrook, from 1992 to 2004.

From what was originally conceived as a personal project to create something shareable for all those guys I shared Conningbrook with,  decided to print a few,  however, such was the interest, the print run was extended and you can share in some of our memories.

Over lockdowns,  I’d rediscovered my film cameras, messing around over these testing Covid times, which inevitably meant more toys, especially a new high-res scanner.  Messing about, I’d scan a few pics from that time, and send the pics to a few friends.  Soon followed requests from friends, both from the ‘Brook days and fellow carp anglers and importantly,  members of the Facebook Group, “Old Skool Carp Angling”, to see more of what I had saved from that time.

Encompassing a series/collection of photos, all on film, all from the ’90s and early 2000s – includes photos of British records, b-roll pics and many memorable moments.   The pics are slides from the 1990s, mainly on Fuji Provia 100f, It’s tricky to use, not very forgiving film.

Please remember this is a solo published project.  My first ever large scale print production run, of 200 copies.


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