Frenchmans Creek

Walking through a local town, a stream – River, that shall remain nameless, but for now I’ll call it “Frenchmans Creek” – which just so happens to be a genuine chalk stream, just like those fancy streams in Hampshire, with a thriving population of indigenous Brown trout, I saw this:

Besides the kids catching and killing for no apparent reason, the foreigners who’ve come to the UK recently and the volumes of water that are being taken by the local water authority, it’s amazing that these little bars of gold can maintain a toe hold in the water course.

One other photograph that didn’t make it to the gallery, has a local authority cage for rubbish collection so full, and hasn’t been cleaned for so long it’s caused a new pool, just like a beaver dam would.

The water flow, I am told, is 12″ lower than normal… this just can’t be sustainable?

I have read that the EA pulled the funding from this watercourse.   Funding for what?   It was to support the volunteers that once a month during the summer pulled all the man-made detritus from the water.   How much was the funding?  £2000.

Why do we decide that a beautiful water course needs adorning with Traffic Cones, Bicycles and cans of all brands, shapes and size?




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