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chimay and orval

Wow, what a few weeks. Orval, Chimay, new breweries in France, and then the GBBF, not to mention the Pre-GBBF events, new American brews and much much more…

When I first came on board to help promote and develop never once in my craziest of dreams did I think I might get to go and wander around the classical pillars of the world of beer. Yes, ok, I have been to a few breweries on the winding road, but recently I have had the absolute screaming pleasure of visiting the breweries of Chimay and Orval, and one in France that I am sure you’ll hear more of in time. I will say the last few weeks, and perhaps months – life has been on the left side of left field, not that I am complaining – I ¬†would just love you all to have seen what I have seen over the past few weeks – so here goes… Continue reading