Support your local tackle shop!

Over the years of fishing for carp, and working in the carp tackle industry, knowing the basic characteristics of carp gear is essential, especially when picking out the best fishing tackle for carp.

There are so many manufacturers, those that come and go, those that have been around since day 1.  But, shops, they seem to open and close faster than pubs at the moment?!

Do use your local tackle shop (mine is the Anglers Kabin Cottington, near Sholden, Deal) Build a relationship with them, they are just like you, trying to earn a crust, but will help you where they can.  I try and support them by means that I can – like writing this blog-ish post. This little blog post may just help things along.

Tips on how save money on your carp fishing tackle? Ok, so there are the doubters who think that you can’t buy all the carp tackle gear you need from one store. For sure, there are other stores that specialise in other branches of angling – fly fishing, or sea fishing – use them too.

When you’re shopping for fishing tackle? What is the necessary equipment for fishing? Well for starters it’s called fishing tackle. Like many pursuits, it starts with the basics, can grow way beyond just a simple rod and reel. Carp fishing has now grown into a life style pursuit.



Korda Naked Chod Safety System

I’ve been using the Korda Naked Chod Safety System since I have got back into Carp Fishing.    I have been a long time user of the flying helicopter rig, as it was once known.

It provides a solution to the problems that consistent hook link ejection has dogged, people like me, helicopter rig users for years. The single most important aspect of a helicopter setup is the facility that allows the hook link to travel up and off the line should a carp pick up a cracked-off rig or become cut off during a fight. Previously, in order for the hook link to pass over the severed end of the line, allowing the carp to ditch the lead and trailing line, a relatively small-bored helicopter bead had to pass over first.

I liked the flying heli rig, for thumping baits into the horizon, knowing that it’d be clear, no mater what it landed in – as long as it was proximal to the carp.    Now, that rig had issues – if any weed or debris had collected on the line or beads. The design of the Chod Sleeve and No-Trace Bead eliminates this problem. The hard plastic No-Trace Bead has a huge bore and, here’s the clever bit, a slot in the side that allows it to drop off the line entirely once it has popped off the coned Chod Sleeve. This allows the size-11 Ring Swivel to proceed up and over the end of the line with ease.

The Naked Chod Safety System Barrel Beads and Chod Sleeves are tungsten-impregnated to help make sure that the rig is presented where you want it, on the deck. Another industry first for Korda! We recommend that you use the system with strong, fast-sinking main line, such as SUBline or Kontour.

These are brilliant and make naked chod fishing so easy try them out . They are available from my local fishing tackle shop right here:  Korda Naked Chod Safety System

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